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Hi, my name is Christoph Wicki and I’m going to tell you a bit of my story... 

Sometimes life is very unpredictable and as our plans are constantly changing as time goes on, I’ll go back a few years ago, crossing the atlantic ocean, landing at Switzerland. My homeland, and the place where I could follow my passion for wrestling and sports. Therefore I practiced Olympic Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling and Schwingen, which is a Switzerland traditional fight. Shortly speaking, its objective is, with a wide combination of movements throw the opponent on the floor. Wherein I was champion of A series for five times in Switzerland.

Besides the fighting I also have a great passion for travelling, specially in places in which we can be next to the sea and the oceans. Therefore, now in Paraty, I must say that I’ve got fascinated with the region’s coastal area. I also have two boats here and the story of both will be told too, for they have a very deep connection with my time here in Brazil. 

So I met Rose, we married and built what would become the Chalé Suiço. A home to our family at the beginning but due to the space and our passion for hosting, it ended becoming an inn. Still with the purpose to provide a very intimate and familiar atmosphere where we can give the maximum of coziness and to carry out that exchange with our guests, which we cherish a lot, after all, we came from a Switzerland and Brazil connection. 

Here, you could have access to a part of a whole set of circumstances that gave this unique identity to the Chalé Suiço Inn. And how it is filled with stories that not only us, but our guests have been building as time goes by!!!

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