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One of my greatest passions is travelling. But specially when we look at the wonders of the sea, that’s fascinating. I must say that I’ve travelled to dozens of countries and different regions, always looking for the coastal area and I can assure that, Paraty bay is the one that most fascinated me and what captivated me and drove me to stay here for a while. So, everyday I felt more motivated to explore this region. Then, the idea of buying a boat came to my mind by the practicality of having it always available without the need to charter one everyday. Thereby begins my story with ‘’O Sétimo Céu’’. The idea was to take my time to explore the bay and then leave the boat, with a very important person that I had the honor and privilege to meet by that time. Doca, was a native that became a great friend of mine, responsible for teaching me a lot about the sea and even the portuguese that I speak. He had and have an utmost importance in my story so as the story of the boat. I can even say he was my brazillian father. However, life always have some beautiful surprises saved for us, I met Rose, we married and here I am. 

The ‘’Terra Morena’’ begins its story with the coming of a friend of mine from Switzerland. Also enchanted with the bay, he bought a boat. But, like me, he didn’t end up staying and I purchased his boat and here I am, with the boats and this story to share with you.

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