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What would be science if not observation, research and curiosity? The act of transformation, creation and understanding. 
The jellies are nothing else but the pure action of transformation and experiment. Quotating Nostradamus who was also a true master in the craft of jellies in his work ‘’Traité de Fardements et des Confitures’’ from 1552:

‘’If you want your jams to have all of the alchemic essence of the rose, you need to harvest them by the morning, before the sunset, when the dew makes them pearl-like, raw material for the search of the philosophical stone or the potable gold. 
   If one has the flawless inteligence of dominating well and properly the sugar, it will transform all the fruits in perfect jellies, but if one does not know, the effect of the sugar when it’s liquid, all is lost.’’

  Many years ago I learned the basics of jellies concoction with Chris’ mother in Switzerland, leaving all this knowledge saved for some years until the beginning of the pandemic. Like many who enjoyed the isolation as an oportunity to experiment new things and even beginning new cicles, one day, isolated with my mother i looked at my genipapo tree and decided to experiment the concoction of an exotic jelly. Wondered with all the process and the results, ‘’Wicki Jellies’’ was born.

  Lastly, with all the wonder of the process and the results its important to note that poetry is also made with the hands and materia manipulation beyond words!!! Women writers also particularly celebrated the jelly poetry:

  ‘’Its a vast undertaking to attach in the copper pan the solid and pure sugar with the soft fruit pulp; sparkling, sticky, flaming, the elaborated substance is dangerous: its a boiling lava in which the housemaid tames and proudly pours in the pot. When wrapping it in a parchment and in it inscribes the date of her victory, she triumphs over time: she catched the sugar length trap, put life on nozzles. The kitchen makes more than penetrating and revealing the intimacy of substances. It shapes them, recreates them.’’ BEAUVOIR, Simone.

Geleias Wicki.jpg
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